Sai Amritvani at Hyderabad
October 1st, 2009
1st Oct 2009

Jai Sai Ram

On Thursday 1st Oct 2009 the Hyderabad was as good as Sidhartha Extension. Baba was present here also, as we could enjoy all His Leelas here also. Mrs Gupta, after visiting her ‘Maika’ (father’s house) that is Shirdi, came to Hyderabad. This Thursday was the 1st Group recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani here, so I will try to narrate the Leelas of Baba, which I am able to see, although it will be only a fraction of the actual happening and the feelings, which can not be described. So I will also try to take the help of photos, which I could take after the recitation in spite of the crowd around Veena maa.

In Hyderabad my son has a small, yet separate room for mandir of Baba. One Statue of Baba is there in the drawing room. As soon as, we arrived home from Shirdi in the night of Thursday, Udi started oozing from this Statue. On 27th Sept, a day before Vijaya Dashami, We rearranged the setup in the Mandir. Fixed some new photos and rearranged the others. Anuj Gupta, my son also has got a 1 feet Makrana Marble Statue of Baba from Jaipur. He has also Marble charans from our house in Sidhartha Extension, from which water used to be oozed. From the Statue and the photos of Baba in this room, Udi started oozing from different times. From the Marble Statue of Baba Udi started oozing only from Wednesday. We were expecting that Baba may bless us with honey from this Moorti, but HE blessed with Udi.

On Thursday, We only shifted the Statue of Baba in the drawing room to the Hall, where we were expected to do the group Recitation. Devotees started coming from 10 AM.

Many Devotees brought Prathimas of Baba and all were blessed. I could take the photos of these Pratimas, which are appended. I have also appended the photos from the mandir and the charans also. Water was oozing from the charans. A thali was already kept below the charans on the night of Wednesday itself in anticipation of this. This is also visible in one photo. One devotee, a family friend, prepared Bhog of Imli rice for Baba. Bhog was offered in the bowl but we found some grains of it on HIS dress and also near HIS feet.

May Baba Bless Us All