Sai Amritvani at Hyderabad
October 29th, 2009

29th Oct 2009

Jai Sai Ram

This Thursday, was our last Thursday in Hyderabad in this trip and may be because of that, there was large gathering of devotees for the group recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani. A couple came from Chennai for it. there were large number of devotees present for the recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani. Baba was also ready to receive them.

There were almost all the Leelas of Baba and HE has not left anybody and blessed all . All the Document, photos, Statues, lockets placed before HIM were blessed in no time. Jal was also oozing as usual from HIS charans, After the recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani Mrs. Gupta Read the extracts from the Sai Satcharitra, prayed for all and distributed the Prasad, Udi and the Jal.

This week also I attach few Photos taken on that day. This was our last session of the group recitation and from 5th Nov onwards it will be done in Delhi at Sidhartha Extension. Mrs Gupta presented the Asth Dhatu Pratima of Baba to Miss Renuka, which was kept in front of us for the recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani and Udi was oozing from it. Earlier in the week a Moorti of Baba arrived from Jaipur. It was of Makrana marble. As soon as it was opened, Udi Started oozing from the moorti. Photo attached.

May Baba Bless Us All