Sai Amritvani at Hyderabad
October 8th, 2009

8th Oct 2009

Jai Sai Ram

Last Thursday I tried to gave some details about the Leelas of Baba here in Hyderabad. Some photos were also attached. Same photos have also been uploaded on the face book. This Thursday again the same Leelas of Baba were there. HE ate the Bhog, Blessed with Udi and Jal (Water) from HIS Charans.

Mr Ravinder Thota from Canada brought a Makrana Marble statue of Baba. Mrs. Gupta put a beautiful dress on Baba and Baba in His Turn gave the Udi even while Mrs Gupta was dressing HIM. I attach the photo of the statue of Baba. Baba also gave Udi from other photos as well. I am attaching some more photos from the mandir of our son, Anuj Gupta.

May Baba Bless Us All