Devotees Experiences
Devendra, Uma, Nidhi, and Mohit
Marlboro, NJ

Sachidananda Sathguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

We were all blessed to have Veena Didi recite Sai Amrit Vani at our home in Marlboro, NJ. We would like to share that divine experience with all Sai-bandhus in this group. Veena Didi and Sri. Ashok Guptaji arrived at Devendra & Uma's residence around 11AM.

In spite of Veena Didi's discomfort in her leg and the agonizing pain, she graciously left the pain in Baba's hands to make the Amrit Vani a blessed event. Soon after entering our house Veena Didi visited the Altar (Mandir) and the Prayer Room preparations.

Didi gave us Charna Amrit (Holy Water) and Vibhuthi (which had manifested at their residence in Delhi) and we placed it at the altar. Didi gave us a A4 size photo of golden plated Lord Sainath Maharaj which she had brought directly from Shirdi, to which Didi advised us to frame the photo immediately.

Ashok Ji gave a new Bhajan CD to play and create the meditative environment. With the Bhajan playing, Didi meditated for few minutes and felt a strong presence of Baba and offered fruits to Baba and lit agarbatti (incense). As soon as Veena Didi sat back on the sofa, Udi appeared on the Fruits and photo from Baba's Charan.

Around 11:40 AM Devotees entered the Bhajan Hall in, as we were listening to various bhajans.

Amrit Vani recitation started sharp at 12 Noon. A strong positive energy engulfed the entire house and everyone could feel the vibrations of the recitation.

Veena Didi was in her full divine grace during the recitation. Twice during the recitation she mentioned she saw Baba emerging from the Samadhi and said she felt VERY GOOD energy in the house, which delighted us all.

After the recitation Veena Didi advised us to meditate for a few minutes and pray to Baba for whatever we wished. Then Veena Didi read a special message from Sri Sai Sat Charita stating that Baba has said where ever my Glory is sung, I will manifest myself and take care of my devotees. She also mentioned that today, this house has become Dwarka Mayi which you are all sitting in.

As the recitation ended, Veena Didi's lap was filled with abundant Vibhuthi (udi), which she graciously applied to all devotees forehead one by one. Veena Didi also gave Charna Amrit to all the devotees and distributed pocket size photos of Baba. Some of the fruits and bhog (food) were blessed by Baba with vibhuti and were eaten by Baba Himself, which was later distributed as prasad to all the devotees.

Didi spoke to all the devotees (some individually) and listened to their concerns and advised them spiritually.

Lunch/Prasad was served to all the devotees after the recitation. Veena Didi and Sri. Ashokji left around 3:30 PM. It was indeed a blessed event. Our special thanks to all the devotees for participating in the divine event.

Our special thanks to Ashok Guptaji for graciously accompanying Didi during her tireless service to spread Baba's message.

Our special thanks to Mrs Veena Adlakhaji (Ashokji's sister) from Columbia, MD for driving Didi and Ashok Ji from Maryland to New Jersey on a rainy late evening.

A very special thanks to Kutumba Lanka for capturing all the special moments of the day. He has taken more than 100 still photos, some of which have been uploaded in the photo section of yahoogroup 'mysaibaba20' on the internet. He has also made a full video of all the event.

Sachidananda Sathguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

Sai Ram!


Dwarka, New Delhi

Dear beloved all,

I wish to share one of my many living examples of happenings to endorse that Baba is there to rescue any one if saught His help. It will be instantanious and sure through Madam Veenaji. Then it was 'Shyama' and it is 'Madam Veenaji'..

On July 21st, 08 Monday around 10.30am I informed from my office that self and Swati would like to attend Amrit Vani on 24th at Sidhartha ext and we wanted offer bhog 'Barfi'. In the evenining when I reached hope I find that Swati developed ladies problem. We felt it was usual period. The night it was severe, it was unabated on 22nd and 23rd . She is used for Homeopatic medicine. She tried to consult the Doctor. But the doctor was not available.

Next day 24th July 08 , we were to attend Amrit Vani. There was no improvement in Swati's condition. Then at about 10.30 am on 23rd july 08 Swati explained and informed our inability to attend on 24th july Amrit Vani. We also saught the appointment to visit Guptas on 25th july 08. Swati was bed ridden. No medicine till 24th july also because the Homeopathic doctor was not available. On 24th as usual she started recting Amrit Vani lying on bed and listening the tape. By the time the Amrit Vani recitation was complete, she has peculier sensation and she stated improving. When returned from office she was looking better. The night was pleasant. Remarkable recovery by 25th morning. She was perfect by the time we were set to visit Madam Veenaji at 3PM.

We had nice chat for about two hours with Madam Veenaji. With our asking Madam could visualise the intensity of Swati's problem since Swati was unable to respond her reciprocal calls on 23rd, madam told that she requested Baba to come to the rescue of Swati. Baba obliged madam and proved that He listens to every cry and acts fast through madam Veenaji as He used to listen to 'Shyama' till 1918.

Further madam's blessing during our visit on 25th july 08 helped further. Today Swati is back to her more than routine domestic work. No words can explain our gratefulness to Baba and Madam Veenaji This is one of many instances Madam' role resembles that of Baijamma and Shyama. This is the opportunity provided by Baba for the needy. Our effort should be utilise meaningfully.

Jai Sai Ram


Jyoti Behl
Nizamudin, New Delhi

Om Sai Ram

In this edition I want to share another experience during Sai Amrit Vani at Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi. Blessed are the devotees who get a chance to visit Sidhartha Extension, where Baba's presence is felt by most of the devotees. On 1st May during Sai Amrit Vani, Veena Maa got emotional and was into tears as she saw Sai Baba's image/photo changing into Dwarkamai of Baba and giving blessings to HIS devotees.

Not only Veena Maa but many devotees sitting there had the same same experience. One of the devotees got very exciting after seeing Sai Baba and she started singing ' Sai Digambra …" very loudly. As we were in the middle of Noon Aartee. It's a very wonderful experience, where you feel Baba's presence and if you've selfless love and affection for Baba, HE shows his omnipresence. True are the words where Baba says 'Jaisa Bhav hua.."


Madhavi Giri,

Jai Sai Ram,
Dear Devotees,

Thought of sharing my experience with all of you. It was a special day for me. By the time we reached the location Sai Amrit Vani has started, Bhajan went on so well that I never felt like stopping. After parayan was over there was Udi in Veena Maa's saree folds. She collected it and blessed all of us with Udi and gave babas small photos. After pooja was over we saw baba ate part of two laddus, apple, banana. This was distrubuted all of us. Everybody was happy.

Udi also came from Baba's statue. The experience I had cannot be described or explained in words. Could not believe everything was happening in front of eyes.
I wish I had taken few photos there. Believe Baba, HE is there for everything. Thanks once again to Veenaji, Ashokji, Murali, Sharmila and to all devotees.

Binal Bhavsar

Dear Sai Maa

After doing Amritvani, all negativity from mind was gone. My faith has return. All things in our life happen has purpose and only Baba knows that. Aum has lot of positive things to look into and most important is, I have him and Baba has trusted me that I can take care of him.

Another miracle,

Aum always immeditaly react with milk product, but now he is eating toast with butter like we do. I was surprise. Because of Saima's blessing whatever now he is eating, he is not reacting at all. And the most important one to share which bring tears in my eyes; he have learnt doing 'je je' with holding both hand and after we came back he is doing continuously in a day..

He is eating cherios and what not. all because of saima's blessing. I can see the difference after amurtvani, my mind is different.. Amirtvani has changed mind to leave everything on god.

On Thursday, I felt I am in shirdi. You are very lucky that saima came to your house, now your puja become shirdi and baba's presence will be always there. We were very lucky attend amurtvani.


Ps Binal came to Florida from Canada to attend the recitation of Sai Amrit Vani, Her son Aum 18 months old, was not taking anything by mouth and a tube was fitted to his stomach to feed the liquid diet.

Shobha Rani
New Delhi

I am Shobha, working as domestic help with the family. I was having pain in the stomach for the last 4-5 years and I got ultrasound done about 3 years back. In the report it was reported multiple fibroids in the uterus. The pain was so acute that I was unable to work. I am very poor women with 2 daughters and a son and living separately from the husband. I had to work for the living. And unless I work who is going to pay me. But it was very difficult to work for me. When the pain became very acute I again decided to go to doctor. He asked me to have the ultrasound done as some operation may have to be done. I was very much scared of the operation but to get rid of the pain I made myself prepared for the operation.

In the mean time I started having pooja of Baba and started reading Sai Satcharitra. Mrs. Veena Gupta gave me the holy water oozing from the Charans in her Mandir. On the day of Ultrasound the bladder was to be full, so Mrs. Gupta gave me the bottle of holy water and mixed Udi in it. She asked me to have this water instead of plain water before the ultrasound. On the bases of the report Dr advised me that operation is not necessary and there is nothing serious in the ultrasound.

Dr prescribed me some medicines for 15 days only. There was no pain since that day. It is all due to Baba and HIS holy water through Mrs. Gupta. My first ultrasound was done on 5th Jan 2004 and 2nd ultrasound on15th June 2006. It is about one year since my 2nd Ultrasound and the last pain that I had. It is all Baba's blessings. I am very grateful to Baba. Now I am regularly doing Pooja and reading Sai Satcharitra and do some sewa at the residence of Mrs. Veena Gupta on Thursdays for the Group recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani at Sidhartha Extension.

February 12, 2009 - Attended Sai Amrit Vani @ Hyderabad

Baba what a blessing you gave me…Nothing more needed …Omsairam

Most Most memorable day of life.
  • Performed Abhishekam to Sri Saibaba and lord datta in our colony temple
  • Next left for Sai Amrit Vani at 8:30 am - got an auto in the colony itself
  • No traffic jam nor any trouble – very comfortable journey - (i was visiting Gachibowli for the first time)
  • Reached Veena aunty son’s residence at Gachibowli 10:00 am
  • Automan has managed very easily and waited there till the programme was all over all baba’s grace
  • Very very happy to meet Veena Maa and Ashokji – I took baba’s swaroop with me ( this swaroop of baba i took in Shirdi in
    2005 - my fav swaroop of baba)
  • Veena Maa took baba’s swaroop from me and placed it on the table next to baba’s photo where Amrit Vani was been performed.
  • Within few minutes – baba showered his leela - udi started oozing from baba’s swaroop omsairam
  • Started Amrit Vani at 11:05 am and continued till 12:00 pm
  • By then so much of baba’s udi to the baba's swaroop which I took from home
    Thanks so much baba
  • He accepted the sweets and fruits bought by everyone
  • He ate 3 pedas which I took for him...omsairam
  • Also accepted the flower garland
  • Prayed for his blessings and thanked him every moment….what else I can ask u baba when u and ur blessings
    are with me…
    No matter what .... will attend Amrit Vani for the coming next two thursdays also..
    thanks so much to Veena Maa , Ashokji and all his family members.

And never ending thanks to Lord Sainath
baba's renu

Ashu Kakkar

Dear veena aunti & uncle,
om sairam
My namaskar at lotus feet of baba i am thankfull to baba and veena aunti & uncle for all the love affection which they showered on me and my wife on there one month visit in hyderabad .i have been fortunate to be able to attend all the four saiamritvani sessions in hyderabad also had positive vibrations felt very strongly babas presence several times during saiamritvani.

I felt fortunate to offer small bhog to baba was happy to see that baba had accepted it also gave me confidence that babas love for all bhaktas is intense & same ,go with pure thoughts he accepts everything.

One miracle would like to share i had got my new visiting cards kept at my pooja room at my home that was one week before i went to attend saiamritvani there was some spelling mistake so i ordered for new cards and kept two of my visiting cards in my wallet. on tuesday morning i just happen to open my wallet accidentally saw my visiting card there was baba photo carved on it I was so happy to see this grace of lord.

Another miracle after first thurdays amritvani later i had wished to offer some sweets for babas bhog went to sweet shop twice in morning surprisingly sweet shop remained closed that thursday was very upset went to attend amritvani carried some fruits veena aunti lovingly placed that for bhog, baba accepted it was happy to see babas bite on the apple.

On the second thursday lot of devotees offered sweets to baba which was blessed,devotees came with photos, important documents everything was blessed with vibhuti of baba that day veena aunti asked all devotees to get only fruits for bhog bcoz distribution of sweets to so many devotees from so many boxes was tough task but she told if u still wish to offer pl make small boxes for everyone . i was upset that day i could not offer sweets that day three days later in morning as i was doing my pranaayam in morning it struck me aunti had told if u can arrange for boxes we would offer bhog and distribute to all devotees i called my wife varsha immediately called up veena aunti spoke to her daugherinlaw and babas miracle i was given an oppurtunity to offer my bhog so my wish was fulfilled and one thing i must mention during this one month we did amritvani 24 hrs round the clock i would be singing only amritvani at 2 am in morning or evening nothing else was coming to my mind. Was also fortunate to have lunch with veena aunti & uncle on last thursday
i would miss veena aunti & uncle but would every thursday chant amritvani on every thursday at 11 am.

omsairam may he bless all of us
Ashu Kakar
Jai Sai Ram

Pissay Sudheer Kumar
Hello All,

Today, I would like to share one more miracle witnessed by me thorough our Divine fakir, Sai Baba. Few of them I have already mailed to the group couple of weeks before. This was during Feb 2009 when the divine mother, Mrs. Veena Guptaji & Mr. Ashokji had been in Hyderabad for Sri Sai Amritvani recitation. I had the golden opportunity to attend the amritvani recitation at Veenaji’s house during all the 4 weeks when they had been in Hyderabad. After the second thursday, I was supposed to undergo sinus surgery on a saturday. So I did not know how I would manage to come for the next week(Thursday) but I was very eager to attend the recitation the next Thursday also and I strongly prayed Baba to give me Strength for the same.

My family was living outstation and I did not want to cause them any trouble due to my surgery. So I asked my father not to come to Hyderabad as I was prepared with a friend of mine for taking care of me since the doctor told I could be discharged in a day since it was a laser surgery.

On the day of surgery, I reached the hospital with my friend @ 5:00am and the surgery started @ 7:00 am. I prayed dear Sai to be with me during the surgery. No sooner I was given anesthesia, I was totally unconscious. Then I woke @11:00am to find that I was slowly gaining my conscious. My nostrils were totally packed with surgical cottons and packs. I found that I was breathing only through mouth. The doctor told me the surgery was successful. I thanked Baba for being with me. Then I took rest till the evening.

At 5:00 pm in the evening the doctor came for the rounds and discharged me giving strict instructions that I should take extreme care of myself. Initially I joined the hospital only on taking his promise to discharge me on the same evening as I hate to stay in a hospital environment like anybody else would. He asked me to visit him the day after to remove all the packs on the nostrils. When I reached the exit point of the hospital, I found on the road, an auto with big poster of our loving Sai with his blessing hand pass before me making me thus realize that he was all with me during the surgery.

Then my friend accompanied me to my house and left me. I told him I can take care of myself without any help. How confident I was…this was the first surgery of any kind I underwent till date. All this confident is attributed to his divine feet. I’ m very thankful to our dear Sai for His gracious & loving glances which he always casts on me and the entire world.

Then the most happening thing took place in the night. I was struggling to get sleep late till 1:00am. My entire body was aching like anything. I thought I would not suffer any pains because it was a laser surgery but it was extremely terrible. I was not able to move my hand too, the hand through which I was injected several times during the day. I kept remembering Sai baba and chanting his holy name. Little later when I was in a semi conscious state of sleep on my bed, I found that Sai baba was sitting on an astral plane just above my body in the bed room. He gently took my hand and massaged it with his holy touch. I felt as if he was surfacing my whole body with something I couldn’t properly make out. Soon after I was totally asleep.

The next morning I woke up to realize all these things had happened. I was totally hale and healthy. Had sound sleep and was fresh. No more pains. It was as if I had not undergone any surgery except the fact that the packs were still there in the nostrils to be disposed off the next day. I’m still not able to make out whether it was a dream or reality but the fact is that I’m cured of all the suffering I underwent due to surgery the next day itself. All this is because of our Lord Sainath. He is the king of the entire universe. I urge the readers to make a conscious effort in reading Sri Sai Satcharitha and make it a habit of reading one chapter a day and implement the fruits of these lessons, then friends see what wonders our guru will do to you & your family.

I would thank Veenaji & Ashokji for the wonderful Amritvani keerthans. I should say I carried that divine nectar (learnt the habit of reading AmritVani) from you that day to my house and continuing the recitation every Thursday in my house.

Bow to Shree Sai. Peace be with all. Jai Sainath.

At the divine lotus feet of Sri Sainath,

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Measurement For Vastra For SHIRDI SAI BABA
For SAI BABA SAMADHI - 3 metres cloth in length and 46" in breadth.

For SAI BABA IDOL - 3 metres cloth in length and 46" in breadth

(HEAD GEAR) -1.5 metres
(Saffron or Orange preferably)

(AROUND NECK) - 2 metres

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