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Sai Baba's Leelas at our home - Naveen & Richa - Simi Valley ,CA

Jai Sai Ram to all

We are sharing our experiences of Sai Baba's Leela during Sai Maa and Uncle's stay at our house from Aug 26-Aug 30' 2010.
We cannot express our experiences in words but we will try our best --

August 27th, 2010
Sai Maa came to our house in the evening. As soon as she walked into our house we could feel presence of Baba in our house. There were so many positive energies in our house. After having tea , Sai Maa started preparing for the Amritvani next day. She helped us in setting up the temple in our family room . We put Sai Baba's photo , statue ,fruits and sweets in front of Baba's photos. As soon as Sai Maa did her meditation , Vibhuti started coming out from the Sai Baba's photo and statue.(photo attached). We could see Sai Baba's toothmark on the apples and grapes. Baba also ate burfi and laddo. At this moment we could feel Sai Baba's presence in our house. Baba accepted all the fruits & sweets with love as vibhuti came on all of them.

On the Day of Amritvani In the morning when we looked at Sai Baba's photos, we started crying. We could see "Om" and "Ram" written with Vibhuti on the Sai Baba's photos. (Photo attached). This was another leela of Sai baba showing his presence in our house. We started seeing flow of devotees from 9:30 AM and bringing with them flowers, sweets, fruits and statue. We started Amritvani at 11:00AM sharp and it was a very unique experience for lot of devotes who were attending for the first time. The devotes were reciting Amritvani so loud that we were not able to hear the CD sound. After the Amritvani Sai Maa gave blessing to all the devotees. Sai Maa's lap was full of Vibhuti . Some devottes were in disbelief looking all the leelas of Sai Baba. There was toothmark on the banana,and burfi.

In the evening we went out for dinner. When we were walking toward the resturant a lady came to us and started talking to us. She was wearing a big Jesus pendant and told us that she follows Jesus.She wanted to hug Rishima(our daughter), but she was cranky. The lady told us that she has Indian friends but she never mentioned any name. She again expressed her desire to hug Rishima. At this time we picked up Rishima in our hands and then she moved her hands on Rishima's back. It looked like she was giving a blessing. Then she expressed her desire to meet Sai Maa. She shook hand with Sai Maa and she went away. At this mooment we all thought that Baba came in form of that lady and blessed all of us.

I (Naveen) almost had tears in in my eyes.No words can express emotions of this moment. Next morning Sai Maa told us that Baba came into her dreams and told her her that I came yesterday to meet you.

We are humbled, thankful to Sai Maa and Uncle who stayed with us for four days and gave their blessings to our family and friends. We would personally want to thank everyone who attended the recitation of Amritvani.

Om Sai Ram
Naveen & Richa

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